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Albino Hammerhead Shark

The Actual Albino Hammerhead Shark in the Cebu Zoo

Albino fishes are often prone to danger, this is because they lack their protective camouflage from their natural environment. Being unable to conceal themselves from predators on their habitat makes them an easy prey. They also have quite a challenge in catching food since their natural white color makes them difficult from hiding themselves in doing an ambush.

The Albino Hammerhead Sharks are technically named as Albino Pangasius Catfish. This kind of fish grows as much to 4 feet in length. They are not related to the original Hammerhead Shark found in the ocean that can grow as much as 15 feet as there name was coined from some local freshwater fish enthusiasts.

The name Hammerhead Shark which is technically the Freshwater Pangasius Catfish can only be heard in the Philippines. The name has been coined by freshwater aquarium fish sellers to put an elegant name on this fish to entice buyers all over the country.

This can be commonly bought from live freshwater vendors with a price ranging from 50 to 100 Philippine pesos with a size at about 3 to 4 inches in length. Raising this fish as a pet is an inexpensive hobby. You can have it  placed on an aquarium in your very own room or too maximize its gigantic size, have it placed in your backyard fishpond.

Talking about safety, this fish does not have any teeth and completely harmless. You can even bathe on a pool together with dozens of full grown of these species.

Here is an actual video on the pond of the Zoo where the Albino Hammerhead Shark and other co-inhabitants dwell.

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  1. hi.. i bought an albino hammerhead.. i asked the person selling if it is okay to give them sera pond flakes since i already have in the house and she told me that it is okay.. almost 2 days have passed but the albino hammerheads i bought didnt eat at all.. what should i feed them? thanks.