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A Little Something About Boggart The Cebu Zoo Tiger

If you already have gone to Cebu Zoo, the finale animal you want to visit is the Cebu Zoo tiger named Boggart. His cage can be found on the lowermost part of the Zoo. It would take you at least 172 steep stair blocks to finally reach his location. Going down the steep stairs is not the problem, but going back since the almost 45 degree angle steep stairs would let you grasp for air, beg for water or tire your hamstrings.
Boggart The Cebu Zoo Tiger

Boggart is a male Bengali Tiger; he is approximately 5 years of age. He was given by a foreigner in the name of Will Woodart who originally owned him until he was 3 years old. This young  and large fellow  of the cat family became a part of  the Cebu City Zoo approximately May of 2009. As our impression of how ferocious tigers are, many haven’t known that Boggart can be touched. Zoo Keepers and Veterinarians always touch Boggart. But this does not mean I suggest you to put your hands inside his cage and call him for a caress.

The Location of the Cage of Boggart in Cebu Zoo.

As you may notice, Boggart is limping and had a noticeable injury on his right rear paw. This wound is caused by the hard wire mesh floor which constantly is in contact with his inborn polio leg. Yes, you hear it. He has inborn polio and since birth this tiger does not walk like other tigers do. Besides, Tiger’s feet are physically made to walk on a flat surface that’s why the non flat surface of the hard wire mesh floor created a gash on his polioed leg. Though, a minor opportunity for the zoo, we will just hope that the management can do something for this in the near future.
Boggart Resting

The Cebu Zoo management is particular about the animal welfare act, so Boggart’s diet does not consists of live meat. Or shall I say live animals. Being an apex predator, and a carnivore in nature, he is discipline to only eat several kilos of cattle meat a day and loves being showered in his cage.

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  1. poor country ok, but a tiger does not belong in a cage but in a open place with a cave or something