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Black Parrot

Perroquet Noir as what this bird is called in French. The Black Parrot is completely covered with black feathers all over its body. As they grow older, shades of grey on their feathers can be visible. Scientifically called Coracopsis nigra, this rare Parrot can be found in Asia which is believed to have originated in Madagascar. This bird produces flute like whistle sounds and shrieking calls when being alarmed or excited. This elegant bird is also is famously called as the Lesser Vasa Parrot

Black Parrots found their habitat on evergreen forests and mangrove swamps near river banks and feed on seeds and fruits especially berries and mangoes. Adults grow up to 14 inches in length and weighs up to 350 grams. The Juvenile are paler than the adults and feathers on tails are colored pale grey.  During the every second month of the year, the Black Parrot mates and go to courtship. During this time, females often shed feathers on their head and the males' beak turn into white.
Cebu Zoo Black Parrot
A Black Parrot caged in Cebu Zoo
They build their nests in the hollows of trees and lay eggs for only 14 days which is far shorter than other parrots.

Life expectancy of the black parrot could last up to 80 years whether on cage or on the wild. They have a special characteristic that can endure going alone on a cage for a lifetime without having a partner.

On the entrance of Cebu Zoo, a sight of a black parrot will welcome you. According to zookeepers, the bird is believed to be more than 50 years old and is still healthy on its cage.

A close view of the Bird

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