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Blue Tongue Lizard

Aside from their peculiar blue tongue, the Blue Tongue Lizard have scales and stripes that of a snake and also looks like one without their short and tiny legs. This reptile can  grow as much as 12 inches in length and can outlive common domestic pets such as dogs and cats since they have a lifespan of 30 years.

They are considered to be one of the largest kinds in the Skink family or Family Scincidae (which are categorized as lizards that do not have pronounced neck with very short legs). Their tongue is the most distinguished feature; it is also their defense mechanism to frighten predators.

The Blue Tongue Lizard is also commonly called a "Blue Tongue Skink" on Western countries. They have a special feature to regenerate their long tail  when being cut or amputated.
These lizards are omnivores and feed on a large variety of plants and insects. They use to burrow underground waiting to ambush their prey or hide from their predators. They set a parameter on their hiding spots for a sure kill on an unlucky prey.

Blue tongue lizards originated in mainland Australia. They found their habitat on deserts and dry lands. They are considered one of the most intelligent among the lizard specie as they recognize distinct sounds and people.

Having the brains on recognizing their master, this trait would make them a valuable pet in addition to their long lifespan.

You can see a couple of Blue Tongue lizards in a sheltered area in Cebu Zoo placed on a terrarium.

Actual Footage of a Blue Tongue Lizard in Cebu Zoo

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