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Brahminy Kite

Cebu Zoo Brahminy Kite

Brahminy Kites are medium-sized birds of prey of the family Accipitridae. They are are high flyers which glides 50 meters above ground to hunt. Being naturally a carnivore, they feed on small animals like fish, frogs, rodents, reptiles and sometimes insects.

When hunting on waters, this bird does not dive like other birds of prey when catching fish.They have a unique ability of using their agility and speed to snatch the swimming prey near the water surface using their talons. This predator can sometimes be found scavenging on food scraps near coasts, usually dead animals or attempting to steal food from other predators.

Cebu Zoo Brahminy KiteThe Brahminy Kite found its habitat on mangroves, estuaries and coastal areas on beaches. It can also be found in freshwater wetlands such as marshes and rice fields.

Full sized adults  stand 21 inches. The reddish brown feathers on its body with contrasting white color on its head and chest uniquely identifies this bird from other predator birds.
Aside from having wingtips having colored in black  and legs colored in yellow, they sometimes can be mistaken as an eagle because their talons, beaks and feathers are like that of an eagle.

One interesting fact of a Brahminy Kite is that the male helps the female build their nest during mating season.  It  nests as low as 5 meters from ground. The females can lay up to 2 darkish white eggs which take 25 to 27 days to hatch.

Locally called "Banog" in Cebu. This bird is extremely rare to be found nowadays due to habitat loss. You can find them on the gates of Cebu Zoo, welcoming tourists and zoo visitors.

The video below is an actual footage of a Brahminy Kite devouring a chick on its meal. (Caution: Video contains footage that may cause uneasiness)

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