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Chinese Chickens

Chinese Chickens have an unusual feathers compared from other chickens which paved a way to be exhibited on poultry shows. Aside from the fluffy feathers, these chickens have bluish earlobes and flesh as well as an odd extra toe which distinguished them from all other fowls.

Also known as Silkie/Silky, which is believed to feel like silk and where it also got its name, the Chinese chicken is calm, tame with a peaceful temperament which makes it  ideal for a pet.

Another variety of a Chinese Chicken
The documented history of the Chinese Chicken originated as early as 13th century. This fowl originated in China and other places of Southeast Asia and considered to be on the bantam breed in some countries. Their meat and broth of their soup are knowned to be medicinal and curative.

Full grown adults weighs 2 kilograms for males and 1.4 kilograms for females. The females  produces a dozen of cream colored eggs per clutch and can lay as  a hundred eggs every year.

One of downside of the Chinese Chickens are the lack of barbs on their wings which makes them unable to fly and highly susceptible to predators. These fowls also cannot swim, since water run through their feathers unlike that of the duck  or a swan.

If you intend to have a pet of this fowl, you need to make a good cage to protect it from predators like cats, snakes, foxes and even rats. It would also be safe to have them away from a river or a lake due to their inability in swimming.

The actual photo of the Chinese Chickens in Cebu Zoo.

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