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Gator Gar

Known for its fierce looks and deadly bite, the Gator Gar is considered to be one of the dangerous freshwater fish in the world. Being carnivorous is not enough, its size will add to the danger since this fish can reach up to 10 feet in length and would weigh up to 170 kilograms huge enough for a human being to be on its belly.

Sometimes called the Gator Fish, the Alligator Gar/ Gator Gar got its name from the Alligator because of its strong teeth and elongated jaws that of the Alligator. Scientifically named as Atractosteus spatula, the Gator Gar is different from other gars since it possess a double layer of strong and huge teeth in its upper jaw and a diamond-shaped scales. They are noted to be solitary fishes, and wants to swim alone  rather than be with other school of fishes.

A juvenile Gator Gar inside an aquarium
Gator Gars are  known to be ambush predators lurking and hiding on tall perennial grasses and other vegetation to catch their prey. They also have the ability to stay above water for more than hour.

Commonly found in North America and Mexico, this fish  is also sighted in some regions in Asia.

Gator Gars are reported to be a delicacy and are served in restaurants in some areas of the United States. However, a catch of this fish sold alive to some private collectors in Japan can have you some fortune.

In Cebu Zoo, you can find a handful of this carnivorous fish on the zoo pond, with the largest at about 3 feet in length being fed on chicken meat.

The video below is an actual footage of the Gator Gar in the zoo.

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