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Philippine Hawk Eagle

Cebu Zoo Philippine Hawk Eagle

The Philippine Hawk Eagle is one of the biggest among the predator birds in the world. It can stand up to 30 inches tall with a wing span that measures twice the length of its body and weighs up to 2 kilograms.This bird has a disctinctive crest on top of their heads consisting of 4 to 5 black feathers which measures up to 8 centimeters long.

Philippine Hawk Eagle
These eagles has a dark brown plummage with whitish chest feathers.Their beaks are colored black and their strong claws are yellowish in color. Their wings are broad and rounded with barred feathers on the underparts.

Philippine Hawk Eagles are endemic in the Philippines. Citations of these birds have been recorded in some major islands in the country including islands of Mindoro, Leyte, Negros, Samar and Bohol.In the past, they have been seen in islands of Siquijor, Biliran and Basilan. Today, their specie can no longer be found easily since their population has dramatically decreased due to deforestation and illegal hunting.

The Philippine Hawk Eagle is scientifically named Nisaetus Philippensis. Its old scientific name was Spizaetus philippensis. Spizaetusis a typical hawk eagle of the birds of prey genus while Nisaetusis a genus of eagles found mainly in Asia. As Nisaetusis a closer name rather than Spizaetus, the scientific name of the said eagle was changed.

Philippine Hawk Eagles are found in mainly in lowland rainforests near sea levels up to midmountain forests. They use their powerful claws to catch their prey while gliding. Being a carnivore, all animals that are smaller from their size are potential preys.

It takes up to 4 years of plumage before a juvenile of this bird turns to adult. The breeding of this raptor are not known to some biologists. It is believed that this eagle lays an egg or two but its incubation period has been undocumented.

Cebu Zoo has this rare bird as one of its main attraction.
A Philippine Hawk Eagle in Cebu Zoo standing proud.

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