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Victoria Crowned Pigeon

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon got its name from the British monarch, Queen Victoria of United Kingdom. Its crests look like crown of the said queen. This pigeon is big in statute and the largest among all other pigeons and is also named a "Weird Turkey". Full growns of this bird measures up to 2.5 feet. With red eyes, its body is covered with blue feathers, blue scaled legs,maroon colored chests and a striking crown-like crests.

The temperament of a Victoria Crowned Pigeon is docile and friendly in nature. It can go well with other birds of different specie if kept in captivity. Unlike other pigeons, they are highly intelligent birds and are easy to tame which makes them one of the best pet pigeon to bird collectors and enthusiasts.

Victoria Crowned Pigeons are believed to outlive feline and canine pets in a household since they can live up to 25 years in captivity and can easily be bred. In captivity they need to have spacious pens enough for them to stretch and have a walk for exercise.
Victoria Crowned Pigeons are known to be a land birds. They feed on seeds, grains, fruits and invertebrates such as worms. They are already on a vulnerable status which means that their conservation status are already in a threatened state due to population decline of being hunted for their meat and feathers.

As a native of the New Guinea region, this bird found its habitat in lowland and swamp forests.Females usually lay a single egg with an incubation period of 30 days. This pigeon can approximately produce up to 3 youngs per year which is being tended for 13 weeks and leaves the nest to independent.

A handful of these pigeons are found in their pens in Cebu Zoo. They can be mistakenly identified as a rare chickens because of their size ans feather color.

Actual Photo of the Victoria Crowned Pigeons in Cebu Zoo.

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