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Civets are animals having a catlike appearance. They come from the family Viverridaeor the Viverrids which is made up of 30 species of medium-sized animals. They found their habitat on Woodlands, Savanna and on Tropical Rainforest and are commonly found in Africa and in Southeast Asia.

Also known as Toddy cats, the Civet is mostly nocturnal. It love to sleep during the day and fully awake during night time. Full growns can measure as much as 30 inches in length and can weigh up to 5 kilograms.This mammal are generally carnivorous in nature feeding on all variations of animals smaller than their size.

The musky scent which produce musk is the most valuable natural asset about this animal.This is valuable compound used to stabilize fragrance in perfumes which makes them vulnerable to be harvested by humans in the perfume business. Instead of killing the animal, practices like scraping the secretions in the glands of a live animal is preferred today.

An Albino Civet
Aside from their contribution in the perfume industry, Civets are also well known in the world of coffee. Do you know that Civets are also used to process coffee? In the countries of Southeast Asia, Civets are well known to produce the most expensive coffees. One cup of coffee processed by this animal can reach up to $100 dollars!

The process is done when coffee cherries are fed to this animal. The flesh of these cherries are digested inside the stomach of a Civet and the seeds of the coffee cherries are being processed by their stomach enzymes. After having these coffee seeds processed, it is extracted on their dung producing the most expensive coffee known as Kopi Luwak or Dung Cofee which has a great tasting flavor and aroma.

There a various Civets found on Cebu Zoo. You can find Palm Civets, an Albino Civet and a huge Malay Civet.

A Civet in its cage in Cebu Zoo sleeping during the day.

Here is a video of Palm Civets in a cage in Cebu Zoo.

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  1. Is there an endemic species of civet in cebu? Iring singgawng is the local name?