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Philippine Long-tailed Macaque

Cebu Zoo Philippine Long-tailed Macaque

The Philippine long-tailed macaque are endemic species in the Philippines. The Males can reach only up to 26 inches tall and can weigh to more than 8 kilograms. Females are relatively smaller, they only grow up tp 21 inches and weighs only 4 kilograms. A distinctive feature about this primate is the size of its tail. It can reach up to 24 inches long almost equal to their height.

Scientifically named Macaca fascicularis philippensis, Philippine long-tailed Macaques have a light brown coat covering their backs and legs with undersides much lighter. They also have very long whiskers compared to other monkeys. The males have a peculiar large cheek pouches . It is used to store a favorite food to run away to their favorable spot to it alone.

Tracing its origin, the  Philippine long-tailed Macaque orginated in the islands of Visayas and Mindanao. This monkey is also a species of the long-tailed macaques in Southeast Asia which are known to be a crab-eating macaque. This primate found its habitat in mangrove areas near beaches, and will abandon it if occupied with humans or being destroyed. The nearest forest would be their refuge.

With a conservation status of of Not Threatened,Philippine long tailed Macaques are still at large in the wild. A sad fact about fatalities of the Philippine long-tailed macaque are road accidents - being run by trucks and buses; electrocuted on climbing on high-tensioned wires; and worse, being stoned.

Gestation period for this monkeys would take around 170 to 190 days. The females would gives birth to one infant which they will nurture until it can be totally independent. The group members will treat the infants with care and rush to their defence when threatened since other monkeys not on the group will kill infants not their own.

Here is a video of a young Philippine Long-tailed Macaque in a cage in Cebu Zoo.

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