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Snakehead Fish

The Snakehead fish got its name on its appearance since its head literally looks like that of a snake. Also called one of the freshwater monster in some countries, this fish is carnivorous in nature. It eats anything that moves on water which includes other fishes, crustaceans , snakes, frogs and even birds and rodents on its attack range.

Snakehead fishes can reach 4 feet in length and weights up to 15 kilograms.The dwarf species of this predator fish can only grow up to 9 to 11 inches.They belong to the family Channidae and are identified for their notorious looking heads, elongated bodies,long dorsal fins,large mouths and sharp pointed teeth.

A Snakehead Fish
The snakehead fish is a native in Asia. They are highly invasive creatures and considered to be pests in some regions in the United States since they exterminate some species of freshwater fishes and some river animals.

This fish sexually matures when it reaches the age of 2 and mates as much as 5 times per year. One spawning of the female can reach 15,000 eggs. They are also noted to be one of the most protective fishes as they carefully look after their young fries.

Sadly, snakehead fishes are a delicacy and a highly valuable food fish in countries like China and Vietnam. They can be bought at a very expensive price on a clay pot when cooked.

You can find only one snakehead fish in Cebu Zoo together with giant fishes in the pond.

Here is a video and a quick glimpse of the snakehead fish in Cebu Zoo.