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Leopard Cat

The Leopard Cat has the same features of a domestic cat except for its longer and slender hind legs. This cat got its name from its spots all over their body that of the Leopard with white furs on their chests and belly.

Belonging to the Family Felidae or Feline Family, Leopard Cats are commonly found in Asia, however distribution about this specie can also be sighted on some parts of Russia and Middle east. They can measure up to two feet in body length. Full growns can reach their tail length to 12 inches and weighs up to 4 kilograms in weight.
This wild feline is scientifically called Prionailurus bengalensis. Being carnivorous in nature, it preys on small animals including rodents, birds and sometimes on other aquatic animals. Rats are typically their favorite meal as these rodents are typically found on their habitat especially on tropical rainforest and plantations near sea levels.During hunting, Leopard Cats use their speed and agility to catch its prey rapidly gripping and biting it until it dies.
Mating time for these Cats has no fixed breeding period however, in colder parts where they are distributed, they tend to breed when whether is mild enought to support newborn kittens. The Females have a  gestation period of approximately 3 months. Around 2 to 4 kittens are born and being raised by the male and the female for 8 months.
In Cebu Zoo, a juvenile Leopard cat is kept on a cage. Below will show you the actual photo.

Actual photo for the Leopard Cat in Cebu Zoo.

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