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Sheeps are multi-purpose animals. They are kept on households as pets and as a domestic livestock for their wool and meat. They are also raised for the milk and fleece.They are one of the earliest animals being domesticated for purposes. These animals are are herbivores. Their lower jaw has large and strong teeth which bite against a toothless upper jaw. They use their rear teeth in grinding food before swallowing it.During the earlier years of a sheep, they have milk teeth which will eventually be replaced with permanent teeth.

Scientifically called Ovis Aries, Sheeps come in more than 200 breeds. Their highly priced wool is the most widely used animal fiber in the world and harvested using the method called shearing.
A Lamb
Aside from their contribution of meat and wool to mankind, the modern world uses sheep as a model organism for science. Sheep are also used on ancient times as a sacrificial animal for religious rituals.
The height and weight of a sheep depends on the breed of the sheep. Their weight ranges from 45 to 160 kilograms. The male sheep called a Ram is significantly larger than the Ewes or the female sheep. The average life expectancy is of this animal is 12 years. They are also species that reached up to more than 20 years of age.

After the age of 4, a sheep gradually declines its health. They normally lost their front teeth making it harder for them to chew and thus hindering their productivity and declining their health.

Few sheeps can be found in Cebu Zoo on the steep stairs heading to the Bengali Tiger.

A Ram, An Ewe and a Lamb in Cebu Zoo. 

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