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Cebu Zoo FAQs

1. What is the complete address of Cebu Zoo?
Cebu Zoo Signage
The Complete address of Cebu Zoo is:
Woolbright Drive, Beverly Hills
Cebu City, Cebu Philippines 6000

The link will lead you to the exact Location of the Zoo and Map and how to get there.

2. Does Cebu Zoo have a contact number?
Yes, Cebu Zoo had a contact number. It's Telephone number before is  (0063-32-255-0849 - Hope this is still working.).
The recent phone number found on their signage is 414-7103 (0063-32-414-7103).
Cebu Zoo had  an email address before for their fax. It is

3. How much is the Entrance Fee?
Cebu Zoo entrance fee is amazingly cheap as the City Government sponsors it.
The Entrance Fee for the Zoo are as follows:

  • Adult: 25.00 Philippine Peso
  • Child: 10.00 Philippine Peso

4. Do Foreigners have different entrance fee?
Do Foreigners have different entrance fee? Definitely not!

Cebu Zoo is for everyone and there is no special entrance fee to any nationality. If you ever encountered, I may say that that person is not from Cebu Zoo since the Zoo as well as the Zoo keepers are funded from its Sponsors as well as the City government

5. Does Cebu Zoo asks for donations?
Does Cebu Zoo asks for donations? Probably before since it was privately owned. But as April 2011, Cebu Zoo is well funded by the City government as well its sponsors, so there should be no donations. If ever you have encountered an instance where in someone would ask donation and using Cebu Zoo, better verify by contacting the Cebu Zoo Contact Number.

6. What are the visiting hours on the Zoo?
Is Cebu Zoo 24/7?
Well, that leaves no room for the animals to rest and makes the Zoo keepers nocturnal!
Cebu Zoo opens to the public starting at 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday to Sunday. That's 7 days a week!

7. How to know if you are already on the Cebu Zoo gate?
To know if you are already standing outside the Cebu Zoo Gate, You will find a large signage on the side of the Zoo gate which exactly looks like this:

Cebu Zoo Gate
The Signage at the Entrance of Cebu Zoo.

If you still cannot find anything like the image above and you are sure you are already near the location of the Zoo, then perhaps you can ask bystanders or security guards on the area and they will be happy to help you with.

8. What is the mode of transportation to get there?
In the spot where Zoo is Located, there are no landing pads for parachutes, helicopters, or airplanes. Above all, there are now ports to park your boats. So the only mode of transportation is through land... Local tourists bus are often seen in the place. If you are a local, it would be best to have your own ride since taxi cabs can bill you a high price.