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Cebu Zoo Rules

Like any other establishments there are certain rules in Cebu Zoo that you need to follow. This set of instructions and information are necessary for visitors to keep the order and safety of the zoo.

The exact Zoo Rules caption found in Cebu Zoo.

These are the Rules in Cebu Zoo:
  1. Alcoholic beverages and persons under the influence of liquor are not allowed to enter.
  2. Submit yourself for inspection. Guns and bladed weapons are not allowed inside the premises.
  3.  Do not touch our cages with your fingers.
  4.  Do not feed the animals and make unnecessary noises.
  5.  Always throw your waste at designated garbage bins.
  6.  Ask assistance to our Zoo keepers for picture taking with our animals.
  7.  Cebu Zoo will not be liable for any accident that may happen.

Following these 7 rules implemented in the zoo will not only keep the orderliness on the zoo but may also contribute to the welfare and concern of others  in terms of safety. Please take time to read and follow the rules, make sure you understand them first before taking a trip inside the place. The importance of following these instructions will not only concern others, but yours as well.