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About the Site

The Cebu Zoo Blog Website or is an online website intended for Zoo enthusiasts, local or foreign to experience a Cebu Zoo adventure on the web through pictures, videos and blogs. Animals found on the blog are the actual animals found in Cebu Zoo. A short blog of these animals are created for educational purpose and providing visitors of the zoo an overview or information. No animals were harmed in creating this website.

This website also provides information about Cebu Zoo's online inquiries and  Frequently Asked Questions of first time visitors on the Zoo. For more information on the FAQs visit the Cebu Zoo FAQ page.

Contents of the Site
The website has been made on April 2011 where the author, after  more than 20 years from the first visit of Cebu Zoo, accidentally revisited it again while strolling in  Beverly Hills, Cebu City. Actual footage of pictures and videos can be seen from posts on  the website. Contents of the original posts were deleted and updated since some animals where wrongly named and thanks to the comments from online visitors to correct it. The contents on the blog about the animals in Cebu Zoo are  researched from books and other trusted websites to provide an accurate information to the readers.

Cebu Zoo Website or is not affiliated with the Cebu Zoo. It's aim is to provide an online information for Cebu Zoo enthusiasts and promote Cebu Zoo online locally or internationally.

It's main objective is to inform that Cebu Zoo and it's animals still exists and perhaps boosts the One of City's Tourist Attraction that was almost unknown to the new generation.